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Field Case Management

Our field case management in Salt Lake City, Logan, Provo, St, Geoge, Idaho Falls, and surrounding areas provides a skilled and attentive nurse case manager for your worker as we often assist with workers’ comp cases. We will direct your employee to follow a customized treatment plan that will ensure steady progress in their healing journey.

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Telephonic Management

While our task assignment and field case management services are local, our effective telephonic management in Salt Lake City, UT extends to most states in the U.S. If you are an employer or insurance carrier that has an employee who was injured on the job who cannot physically meet with us, we’ll streamline the recovery process remotely via telephone.

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Task Assignments

With our task assignment in Salt Lake City, Logan, St. George, and surrounding areas, a registered nurse case manager will formulate a plan, work with your employee or injured party, ensure they are correctly following through with treatment, and record and evaluate progress. We will stay in constant contact with you, the employer, or the insurer to guarantee a smooth communication process.

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Whether you are an insurance carrier or a self-funded workers’ compensation-based organization, our case management services in Salt Lake City, Logan, and surrounding Wasatch Front areas ensure your workers follow the treatment plan and return to work quickly.


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    Extensive Case Management for Injured Workers in Utah

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    Nursing Experience

    The benefit of having a registered nurse as your independent nurse case manager in Salt Lake City, Logan, Provo, and surrounding Wasatch Front areas means you get someone who is experienced at understanding medical treatments and translating communication between doctors and other medical providers.

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    Consistent Communication

    We open consistent communication to you so you always know where your workers are on their treatment plans. This level of service is also opened to your worker to develop the needed trust for rapid progress.

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    Plan Compliances

    Trust is critical in helping to encourage and shepherd compliance for your worker within their treatment plans. We support the injured worker through their recovery and rehab and ensure complete compliance with the plan. Our nurse case managers in Salt Lake City, Logan, Provo, and surrounding Wasatch Front areas are trained to ensure the best outcome.

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    Medical Liaison

    As a team of registered nurses, it’s natural for us to be a complete liaison between medical care givers, the insurance carrier and the injured worker. Facilitating communication between all parties means better results and cost savings.

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    Our primary goal is to get your worker back to their job sooner, thus saving on medical expenses and workers’ comp costs. Our strategic planning makes it more cost-effective than encouraging your worker to simply do it themselves.

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    Client Education

    Without the background and education provided by a nurse case manager in Salt Lake City, Logan, Provo, and surrounding Wasatch Front areas, the worker doesn’t always understand the importance of following the treatment plan and results in missed appointments. Education on the plan is key.

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