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When it comes to something as serious as an injury on the job, you don’t want to take any shortcuts when it comes to creating a treatment plan for your injured employee. At Wasatch Nurse Case Management, we ensure that your workers’ comp case is handled with care. That’s why all of our nurse case managers in Salt Lake City, Logan, Provo, St. George, and the surrounding areas are registered nurses who have strong medical backgrounds. When our team works with your employee, they will create a treatment plan that is centered around their injury and prognosis.

Work With Qualified Experts in the Medical Field

If you are an employer or an insurer, don’t waste time and money going to a company that doesn’t meet the same standards as one that employs those with strong medical backgrounds. The difference between a nurse case manager in Salt Lake City, Logan, Provo, and St. George who does not have an extensive history in the medical field versus one who does is monumental when it comes to handling your case effectively. The well-being of your employee, as well as your company’s time and money, is on the line. Don’t compromise when it comes to good care.

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If you have an employee who filed for workers’ comp in Salt Lake City, UT or surrounding areas due to an injury at the workplace, you must take all of the necessary steps needed to get them back to good health. At Wasatch Nurse Case Management, our job is to create a treatment plan for your employee that is guaranteed to get them back on their feet quickly.

Your nurse case manager in Utah will formulate a plan, work with your employee, and ensure that they are correctly following through with treatment. Each milestone will be recorded and evaluated. Our team will also stay in constant communication with you, the employer, or the insurer. Contact our staff at Wasatch Nurse Case Management today to get started with the process.

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