Telephonic Case Management


At Wasatch Nurse Case Management in Utah, we streamline your employee’s recovery process and workers’ comp cases, which is why we offer telephonic case management to most states in the U.S. Our nurse case managers don’t need to meet with you or your employee in person in Salt Lake City, Providence, Provo, or other physical locations because we can meet via telephone. Our goal is to keep all parties safe and ensure they are able to participate in a treatment plan no matter where they live.

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What Happens During Telephonic Case Management in Utah?

You will meet with an assigned nurse case manager via phone to develop a new plan for recovery. Prior to meeting with us, your injured employee likely expected in-person case management appointments and medical visits. However, we’ll help you come up with a new plan of attack that will ensure a smoother recovery that takes advantage of remote health and medical services.

Your nurse case manager will also take on the communication aspect between your employee and medical or insurance agencies. Contact us to learn more details about our telephonic management in Salt Lake City, UT and other cities in the U.S.

nurse case manager iconEnsure Your Injured Employee Has Access to Technology

One of the most important aspects of successful telephonic management in Salt Lake City, UT, and other cities in the U.S. is ensuring that your injured employee has access to appropriate technology. We recommend having a device with a camera and a reliable internet connection to ensure the best communication process.

At the end of the day, the health and safety of the injured employee who is part of a workers’ comp case should be your number one priority, so making sure they have access to appropriate technology to aid their recovery process is necessary!

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