Most workers’ comp cases in Salt Lake City, UT are addressed by in-office visits, whether it be for a doctor’s appointment, a physical therapy session, or some other treatment. However, unless these visits are absolutely necessary to be done in person, telephonic treatments are the safer option, especially due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Our nurse case managers in Salt Lake City, UT, and surrounding areas are happy to provide telephonic case management services for injured employees. While we’ll do our part, it’s important to ensure that your employee, and yourself as the employer, work together to make telephonic management as successful as possible. Here are 4 tips for your worker to get back on the job without depending on in-person visits!

1. Develop a New Plan

You are going to need to meet with the assigned nurse case manager via phone to develop a new plan for recovery. Originally, the strategy for the injured employee likely included in-person visits, but we’ll help you come up with a new plan of attack that will ensure a smoother recovery that takes advantage of remote health and medical services.

2. Contact Doctors and Therapists

After speaking with your medical or nurse case manager and the injured employee, contact the healthcare team that they will be working with to understand their strategies. The case manager will likely take on most of the communication aspect, but it’s important to have a thorough understanding as to how the remainder of the treatment plan will play out.

3. Meet Frequently With the Injured Employee

It’s vital to keep in good contact with your injured employee! Workers’ comp cases need to be taken seriously, especially if the injured party is using telecommunication to follow through with a treatment plan. While the nurse case manager in Salt Lake City, UT will regularly communicate with the injured employee, it is still necessary for you to see how the employee is responding to the treatment plan and check in to play a compassionate and supportive role.

4. Make Sure the Injured Employee Has Access to Technology

One of the most important aspects of successful telephonic management is ensuring that the injured employee has access to appropriate technology. Do they have a device with a camera? Is their internet connection reliable? Work with them to find them the resources to complete their treatment plan.

Contact Wasatch Nurse Case Management in Salt Lake City, UT

Wasatch Nurse Case Management employs a team of registered nurse case managers in Salt Lake City, UT who are able to work with you and your injured employees. Our goal is to keep all parties safe and ensure they are able to participate in a treatment plan no matter where they live.

To learn more about remote case management in Salt Lake City, UT, contact us today! 

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