Ways to Keep Employees Healthy During an Outbreak

One of the largest issues that our country has come face-to-face with during the COVID-19 pandemic is the way that companies and corporations handle illness. Many employees feel pressure to come into work because their livelihoods depended on bringing home a paycheck, but now we’re now seeing how threatening that mindset can be when it comes to health and safety.

As an employer who has likely dealt with workers’ comp in Salt Lake City, Logan, St. George, Provo, and surrounding UT areas, in the past, you should realize how important a healthy workforce is to the survival of your business. So, we’ve shared medical and science-backed advice on how you can keep your employees safe and healthy during an outbreak or other contagious flu or cold outbreaks.

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Stay Home When Feeling Sick

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are being urged to stay at home and self-quarantine as much as possible. This mindset should hold strong even after this particular wave has gone away. Whether an employee is feeling sick from a contagious cold or even something like food poisoning, their health should be the main priority.

Provide Paid Sick Leave

Not every worker might feel inclined to stay home when sick because they might not have paid sick leave. As an employer, it’s your duty to look after the health and wellness of your employee at their job. Often, blue-collar workers can’t afford to take a full day of work off even when feeling ill, so providing fully paid sick days can significantly help the health, financial, and emotional wellbeing of your employees.

Encourage Mask-Wearing

Masks are a useful tool to prevent illnesses like the common cold or the flu. During times when people are beginning to come down with seasonal colds and illnesses, give employees facial masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of germs in your workplace.

Take Temperatures

This pandemic has shown us how severe outbreaks can become if left unchecked. Taking the temperatures of employees at the beginning of shifts is another great way to prevent the spread of illness simply by preventing a sick employee from entering the workspace. While this doesn’t necessarily need to be a year-round practice, use it when sicknesses like the flu or seasonal colds begin to pop up.

Sanitize Surfaces

With dozens of people working in the same space daily, the spread of contagious pathogens is imminent. Prevent this spread by cleaning and sanitizing using products like bleach, Clorox, and Lysol. This should be done before, during, and after an employee’s shift. Focus especially on rooms where people eat, like kitchens and dining areas, as well as restrooms.

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